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"OBLIVION" by Shunichi Oda



A Lost 30 Years.

This what our seniors, who grew up blessed by economic growth,
call the time between now and 1990, the year I was born.

In retrospect, we have never known their kind of unfounded optimism
that believes in inevitable growth and an ever brighter future.

The stagnation that once enveloped society has changed into despair,
and the future is obscured by a dark veil.

The Japanese have become weak.
This and similar things have been uttered by many heartless intellectuals.

But is it actually true?
I do not think so.

Through cooperation and mutual help, we have risen
from the ruins of wars and natural disasters who made us who we are.

The people of Japan have lived with nature’s rich blessings since ancient times,
and our deep coexistence with nature has taught us a spirit of harmony.

Instead of grieving an uncertain future,
we should turn out attention towards the past that shaped us.

Time’s merciless grind makes it easy to lose ourselves.
That is why I believe we may find the answers we need in Oblivion.

Shunichi Oda

Born in 1990, Shunichi Oda moved to England in 2012 and began to teach himself photography.
He started to work as a photographer in 2017 and joined creative group Symphonic Productions in
2019. Oda photographs for a wide range of magazines and brands, always with a focus on people.
In 2020, Oda photographed Tokyo’s streets at night during the city’s first state of emergency and
published the images in his photobook “Night Order”. In 2021, he organized the pop-up art fair
Gallery of Taboo” and released his latest work “OTONA-SEI” Inspired by his experiences in society,
Oda aims for a ‘Socio-Photography’ that can affect people’s feelings and actions.

Instagram : @odaoda_photo

Past exhibition: OBLIVION by Shunichi Oda
NITESHA KYOTO Autumn / Winter 2021

13:00 - 18:00 on Sun. & Mon. By appointment.
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Venue: 144-4, Shimokinoshitacho Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 602-0019 JAPAN

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