HOLO MAGAZINE No.1 Emerging trajectories in art, science, and technology ホロ 第1号

Creative Applicationsが発行するアート、科学、テクノロジーに関する雑誌『HOLO』の創刊号。年2回発行予定。世界中のアーティストのスタジオの写真やインタビューなど、各分野を超えたジャンルレスなコンテンツが収録されている。

1. People
Inside the artist's studio
Jer Thorp
David OReilly
2. Perspective
One theme, multiple angles
NEW PERSPECTIVES A survey of emerging representational and perceptual paradigms.
Sight and Insight An introduction by Golan Levin frames the perils and opportunities of our current (weird) perceptual regime.
How We Learned to Love Big Brother
The subtle links between pervasive surveillance, wearable computing, and lifelogging.
Bite-sized ruminations on tropes in computational art related to vision and perception.
Animate Objects
Eleven projection-based illuminations that abandon the screen in favour of sculptural forms.
Ghosts and Underwear
Peeling back the veneer to reveal digital art's debug views and speculating what they represent.
Don your VR headset and plug into one of 2033's most popular substitute realities.
Super Vision
An illustrated guide to the inner workings of experimental display prototypes.
The Carousel of Progress
A chat about interaction and invention with Google's Advanced Technology and Products group.
Pixel Perfect
Further evidence that we see eruptions of digital systems into the 'real' world.
Essential terms, technologies, and precedents.
3. People
Eno Henze
Chris O'Shea
Philip Beesley
Raquel Meyers
4. Grid
Key nodes in the network
DAM GALLERY Welcome to the Club Berlin(DE)
5. Frames
Tools in the making
Derivative Plug and Play Toronto (CA)
6. Stream
Progress unfolding
Summer/Fall 2013 Breakthroughs, insight, exceptional work-a HOLO 1 production timeline of current events.

クリエイティブ・ディレクター:Alexander Scholz
編集長:Greg J. Smith

出版社 publisher:HOLO
刊行年 year:2014
ページ数 pages:215
サイズ size:H290×W220mm
フォーマット format:ソフトカバー/softcover
言語 language:英文/English
付属品 attachment:
状態 condition:経年並みです。/good.
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