Purple Fashion Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 volume 3, issue 21
パープルファッション 第21号 2014年 春夏

1992年にオリヴィエ・ザーム(Olivier Zahm)とエレン・フライス(Elein Fleiss)によって創刊されたカルチャー雑誌Purple。既存のファッション雑誌とは一線を画す存在として年々斬新な誌面を提供している。Juergen Teller、Terry Richardson、Wolfgang Tillmansなど有名フォトグラファーが参加していることでも知られている。


1 purple NEWS
 Petra Collins
 Katsuya Kamo (加茂克也)
 Mark Mahoney
 Jon Rafman
 Torbjorn Rodland
 Aaron Stern
 Jeanette Hayes
 Midnight Magic
 Joseph Kosuth
 Bruno Pieters
 Remi Paringaux
 Kerim Seiler
 Christophe Brunnquell
 Anna-Sophie Berger
 Klara Liden
 Mike Krieger
 Amalia Ulman
 Laurence Owen
 Elias Redstone
 Masafumi Sanai(佐内正史)
 Delfina Delettrez
 Miroslav Tichy
 Aron Morel
2 BEST of the SEASON
 The Spring/Summer 2014 collections photographed by Terry Richardson
3 purple INTERVIEW
 Juergen Teller by Lily McMenamy and Olivier Zahm
 Vito Acconci by Jeff Rian
 Junya Watanabe by Olivier Zahm
 Jean-Philippe Delhomme by Olivier Zahm
 Maurizio Cattelan by Francesco Bonami and Olivier Zahm
 Giorgio Moroder by Sven Schumann
 Graphic Jackets and Coats by Benjamin Alexander Huseby
 Theatrical Tops by Katerina Jebb
 Sumptuous Skirts by Camille Bidault Waddington
 Provocative Pants by Theo Wenner
 Creamy Leather by Roe Ethridge
 Cinematic Knitwear by Chikashi Suzuki(鈴木親)
 Dreamy Dresses by Mark Borthwick
5 purple FASHION MEN
 The Night Will Be Black and White by Carter Smith
 Erykah Badu by Karim Sadli
 Waiting for the Wave by Michael Hauptman
6 purple LOVE
 Vionnet Accessories photography by Vanina Sorrenti
7 purple DOCUMENT
 David Blaine photography by Sante D'Orazio text by Glenn O'Brien
 Baker Skateboards photography by Patrick O'Dell text by Dustin Dollin
 The inventory of Balthus photography by Katerina Jebb
 La Scarzuola photography by Gianni Oprandi text by Patrick Mauries
 Pool-Skating Sub-Culture photography and text by Arto Saari
8 purple BEAUTY
 photography by Katja Rahlwes
9 purple TRAVEL
 When Everyday Life Becomes Forms: Suriname, South America photography by Viviane Sassen
10 purple NAKED
 Pamela Anderson photography and interview by Sante D'Orazio
11 purple NIGHT
 Night Pictures by Olivier Zahm and Stephane Feugere
 Area, The Nightclub As Art text by Glenn O'Brien
12 purple STORY
 Togetherness photography by Ryan McGinley
13 purple VISUAL ESSAY
 Introducing the World of Ren Hang(任航)

編集長&クリエイティブ・ディレクター:Olivier Zahm
エグゼクティブ・エディター:Caroline Gaimari
オリジナル・グラフィック・システム:M/M (Paris)
デザイン・ディレクター:Gianni Oprandi

出版社 publisher:Purple Institute
刊行年 year:2014
ページ数 pages:461
サイズ size:H300×W229mm
フォーマット format:ソフトカバー/softcover
言語 language:英文/English
付属品 attachment:
状態 condition:経年並みです。/good.
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