MASTERMIND 01 マスターマインド 創刊号 Bruce Weber, Steven Meisel, Stephen Shore etc...

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世界で最も影響力のあるファッションコンサルタント&スタイリスト、マリ=アメリー・ソーヴェ(Marie-Amelie Sauve)によって創刊されたファッション雑誌『MASTERMIND』の記念すべき創刊号。

_01.0 The Fix
 01.1 Freja on my Mind
_02.0 Hey, Young World
 02.1 The Kids are Alright
 02.2 In Conversation with Isabelle Huppert
 02.3 Gang of Four
 02.4 Letter to a Young Poet
_03.0 The Stranger I know
 03.1 In Conversation with Nicolas Ghesquiere
 03.2 Close Encounters
 03.3 Urban Renewal
 03.4 In Ipanema
_04.0 Communal Systems
 04.1 Looking for Utopia
 04.2 In Conversation with Ricardo Bofill
 04.3 Utopia Found
 04.4 In Conversation with Sou Fujimoto(藤本壮介)
_05.0 Once Upon a Town
 05.1 New York City Archive by Steven Meisel
_06.0 The Capital of the World
 06.1 No Way Out
 06.2 Washington by Stephen Shore
 06.3 As Told by Anne Sinclair
_07.0 Foodways
 07.1 Back to Basics
 07.2 In Praise of Pollack
 07.3 In Conversation with Inaki Aizpitarte
 07.4 Comeback Cuisine
_08.0 Neurotic City
 08.1 Buenos Aires: Auto-psy
 08.2 In Conversation with Benjamin Biolay
_09.0 This Boy's Life
 09.1 In Conversation with Xavier Dolan
 09.2 On the Riviera
_10.0 The Long Kiss Goodnight
 10.1 Screaming Bloody Murder
 10.2 The Making of Making a Murderer
 10.3 Crime and Punishment
 10.4 Getaway with Murder
 10.5 Giving up the Ghost
_11.0 Comme Bruce
 11.1 To Be Free

エディトリアル&クリエイティブディレクター:Marie-Amelie Sauve

出版社 publisher:Le Magazine General
刊行年 year:2017
ページ数 pages:
サイズ size:H306×W245mm
フォーマット format:ハードカバー/hardcover
言語 language:英文/English
付属品 attachment:
状態 condition:良好です。/very good.