Foam Magazine #39 TALENT

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オランダ発の写真雑誌「Foam Magazine」第39号。若手写真家を紹介するTALENT特集。

Between Being and Having: Some Notes On Talent by Marcel Feil
Eva O'Leary and Harry Griffin
Anti-Propaganda & the Aesthetics of Advertising by Lorenzo Durantini
Catharine Maloney, Jing Huang, Nerhol, Sasha Kurmaz
Teleplay by Tim Clark
Visual Poetry by Russet Lederman
Time Rediscovered by Russet Lederman
Space of Possibilities by Max Houghton
Hannah Whitaker
Open Systems by Liz Sales
Charles-Henry Bedue, Sarah Ancelle Schonfeld, Julien Gremaud, Otto Kaan
Fashioning the Rise of a New Global Economic Order by Marco Bohr
Altered States by Kim Knoppers
Representing the Death of Neoliberalism by Marco Bohr
The Two-Headed Artist by Taco Hidde Bakker
Lucas Foglia
Lucas Foglia's Frontier by Lyle Rexer
Alice Quaresma, Jonny Briggs, Emilie Regnier, Jan Rosseel
Recherche by Karin Bareman
Meeting Myself Coming Back by Max Houghton
Diverse Future by Sean O'Toole
A Blurring of Fact and Fiction by Kim Knoppers
Andrey Bogush
A Loving Destruction by Matthew Leifheit
Christto & Andrew, Daniel Everett, Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup, Yoshinori Mizutani
Christto Sanz and Andrew Weir by Sean O'Toole
The Aesthetics of Progress by Taco Hidde Bakker
What are we supposed to believe? by Jorg Colberg
Tokyo Parrots by Jorg Colberg
Lukas Wassmann
Lukas Wassmann in coversation with Moritz Neumuller by Moritz Neumuller

編集長=Marloes Krijnen
アートディレクター=Hamid Sallali(Vandejong)

出版社 publlisher:Foam Magazine
刊行年 year:2014
ページ数 pages:296
サイズ size:H300×W230mm
フォーマット format:ソフトカバー/softcover
言語 language:英文/English
付属品 attachment:
状態 condition:経年並みです。/good.