Aperture issue 219 Summer 2015 TOKYO 東京

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Editors' Note
Collectors: The Sculptors Contributions by Frank Benson, Carol Bove, Rachel Harrison, B.Wurtz
On Portraits by Geoff Dyer
Curriculum by LaToya Ruby Frazier
Redux David Campany on Bern Porter's Dieresis(1969)
Object Lessons The Obi
Picture Tokyo by Noi Sawaragi and Hideo Furukawa
Magazine Work by Ivan Vartanian
Camera Play by Yasufumi Nakamori
Takuma Nakahira: At the Limits of the Gaze by Franz Prichard
Nakahira's Circulation by Matthew S. Witkovsky
Nobuyoshi Araki: Kekkai
Takashi Homma: Tokyo Obscura
Cozue Takagi: Biwajima
Daisuke Yokota Introduction by Dan Abbe
Issei Suda Introduction by Niwa Harumi
Mayumi Hosokura: Transparency Is the New Mystery
Rinko Kawauchi Introduction by Lesley A. Martin
Naoya Hatakeyama: Yamate-Dori Introduction by Andrew Maerkle
Kikuji Kawada In conversation with Ryuichi Kaneko

出版社 publisher:Aperture Foundation
刊行年 year:2015
ページ数 pages:136
サイズ size:H305×W235mm
フォーマット format:ソフトカバー/softcover
言語 language:英文/English
付属品 attachment:
状態 condition:良好です。/very good.