Purple Fashion Magazine spring summer 2015 volume 3, issue 23 パープルファッション

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1992年にオリヴィエ・ザームとエレン・フライスによって創刊されたカルチャー雑誌Purple。既存のファッション雑誌とは一線を画す存在として年々斬新な誌面を提供しています。Juergen Teller、Terry Richardson、Wolfgang Tillmansなど有名フォトグラファーが参加していることでも知られています。別刷冊子『THE GEORGE CONDO PURPLE BOOK』付いています。


1 purple NEWS
 Kim Gordon
 Anti-Column by Arnaud Viviant
 Lizzi Bougatsos
 Pierre Banchereau
 John Armleder
 Anti-Column by Emanuele Coccia
 Anti-Column by Karley Sciortino
 Celia Hempton
 Despacio Sound System
 Allegria Torassa
 Andra Ursuta
 Rita Ackermann
 Anti-Column by Jeff Rian
 Felix Burrichter
 Pierre Hardy
 Marianne Vitale
 Michael Sailstorfer
 Anti-Column by Angelo Flaccavento
 Harmony Korine
 Emily Sundblad
 John Barlow
 Kaari Upson
 Anti-Column by Francois Simon
 Langley Fox
2 BEST of the SEASON
 The Spring/Summer 2015 collections
3 purple INTERVIEW
 Chloe Sevigny by Glenn O'Brien
 Gabriel Orozco by Alexis Dahan and Olivier Zahm
 Jonathan Anderson by Olivier Zahm
 David Bailey by Sven Schumann
 Masculin Feminin
 story by Brianna Capozzi
 story by Anders Edstrom
 story by Camille Bidault-Waddington
 story by Robi Rodriguez
 story by Bella Howard
 story by Philippe Jarrigeon
 story by Richard Kern
5 purple FASHION MEN
 Haider Ackermann by Benoit Peverelli
 Best of Men's Fashion by Anders Larsson
 Dance of the Darkness by Benoit Peverelli
6 purple DOCUMENT
 Choux de Creteil photography by Gianni Oprandi
 Rick Owens and Hood By Air interview by Olivier Zahm
 Claude Rutault and Lawrence Weiner interview by Alexis Dahan
 George Condo interview by Olivier Zahm
 Iceberg Downtown Gallery portraits by Ollivier Zahm and Gianni Oprandi
7 purple BEAUTY
 Jamie Bochert photography by Marilyn Minter
8 purple LOVE
 Fondation Maeght Emporio-Armani/Jacquemus collections by Cecile Bortoletti
9 purple TRAVEL
 Ile du Levant, Ile du Titan photography by Olivier Amsellem
10 purple SEX
 Tessa Kuragi photography by Olivier Zahm
11 purple PHILOSOPHY
 Francois Jullien interview by Olivier Zahm and Donatien Grau
 Hugo Boss Spring/Summer 2015 at the Villa Savoye photography by Olivier Zahm
13 purple NIGHT
 pictures by Olivier Zahm and Stephane Feugere
 porfolio Noise Paintings by Kim Gordon
14 purple STORY
 photography by Toiletpaper Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari
15 purple VISUAL ESSAY
 FESPA Digital/Fruit Logistica by Wolfgang Tillmans

編集長&クリエイティブ・ディレクター:Olivier Zahm
エグゼクティブ・エディター:Caroline Gaimari
オリジナル・グラフィック・システム:M/M (Paris)
デザイン・ディレクター:Gianni Oprandi

出版社 publisher:Purple Institute
刊行年 year:2015
ページ数 pages:493
サイズ size:H300×W229mm
フォーマット format:ソフトカバー/softcover
言語 language:英文/English
付属品 attachment:Purple book.
状態 condition:経年並みです。/good.